This is a game about snowballs. Who doesn't love snowballs?

Mouse1 will roll your snowball towards the cursor, while Mouse2 allows you to throw a small snowball (at the cost of some snow!). Rolling over objects that are smaller than you will make you grow.

If you find a house, try rolling over it! You may need to throw snowballs to pack it down to size first.

Your snowball is prone to melting, so watch out for bombs! These nasty little goblins keep throwing them... If you find a goblin tower, be sure to wreck it!

Crush goblins, destroy houses, and most importantly: have fun!

** This game was designed for and should be played in Google Chrome for the best results. The worst graphical problems in Firefox have been fixed, but there is still some minor clunkiness in the background. IE is untested. **

This game was made in 48 hours as an entry for Ludum Dare #34. See the entry page here to rate the game.

Written in JavaScript without any libraries. Currently, a mouse with two buttons is required to play, but a solution for touch-screens etc. may be added if requested.


Snowball Extravaganza 64 kB

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